It's in the Name of Science

I have an animal companion who is on the large side for a Rhodesian Ridgeback at 116 pounds. He can move pretty fast when he wants to. I always wondered who would win the race between the deer that frequent our property and him. But I never wanted to find out because I was afraid that he would keep chasing them into the next county.

This morning my youngest opened the door to let our newest animal companion out when my Ridgeback barked and shot out the door. Coincidentally, four of the herd of deer were standing about five meters in front of the door, right in his sights as it were. I raced to the end of the house to look out the window. I see four deer hauling, er, doe down the hill, chased by my buddy. He was moving as fast as I have ever seen him move.

My awe at the beauty of watching him run was tinged with concern as I saw him disappear into the woods after the deer. I figured that he would give chase for a while and then try to return home. I was not sure how accurate his orienteering wouuld be, though, because he is not allowed to roam the countryside. By the time I got outside to start what I figured would be a futile search for him, he had already left the woods and was happily peeing on trees on our property. Apparently he did not want to eat the deer, just chase them off his property.

So now I know who is faster, the deer or my Ridgeback: neither.


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