Noisy Minutes

Harvey Mudd is an intense place. The rigors of its curricula can break even the smartest of students. Finals are an especially intense time as the students frantically try to prepare for the exams. In support of this, Mudd has "Quiet Hours" during finals. Basically, one can not be the loud, boisterous, obnoxious young puke (i.e., typical college student) one really is for most of the day lest it inhibit the academic performance of one's fellow pukes.

But it is a zero-sum game. All of that pent-up boisterousness must go somewhere. To provide an outlet for the natural urges, every evening there is a thirty-minute suspension of Quiet Hours known as "Noisy Minutes". Think of it as a really short Mardi Gras.

West Dorm had a tradition for one night during Noisy Minutes, having a derelict vehicle towed to its quad. A couple of bucks bought you some time with the sledgehammer and the car. There was a visceral thrill to smashing and demolishing something so big, so solid, that released quite a bit of tension. Of course, not everyone had the spirit and constitution to wield the sledge so there was also a crowd to relish vicariously in the destruction.

Good times.


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