They Just Don't Get It

This morning I received an email with the following admonition:

Recently we have received requests from two motion picture studios to investigate the possible use of Company Name's internet access to illegally download materials belonging to the studios. This is a serious matter. Companies such as Warner Brothers Entertainment employ anti-piracy software to protect their products and any attempt to download such materials may be traced back to Company Name through the use of IP addresses.

So, if I read this correctly, Warner Brothers wants us to view their trailers online but they “employ anti-piracy software to protect their products” by collecting IP addresses. This would mean that the disputed downloads were from a Warner Brothers server, one over which Warner Brothers had enough control to install their “anti-piracy software” [sic]. This seems like the trivial case.

Look, Hollywood, if you do not want us to see your content, then do not put it on your servers. Problem solved, litigation avoided.


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