What's Going on Here?

Today I am treated on the television to coverage of a congressional investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs (“steroids”) in baseball. I know of no more delicate way to put this than: who bleepin' cares?

We have professional athletes who are paid for their physical skills, skills that require the use of and the wear on their bodies, who are trying to find every edge they can to excel in their profession. They made their choices. I think the choice of using HGH is extremely short-sighted and downright foolish. But you could say the same thing about being a cage fighter or a rodeo clown.

How is the use of andro or EPO or HGH that much different than hours of weight-training every day? Neither are “natural” and both may have long-term effects on the body. Why is one “wrong” and the other “right”? But if the congresscritters are so concerned about the health of Americans, they could save a lot more lives by putting tight restrictions on cigarettes rather than roids.

Until they take on tobacco, the politicians are not really interested in our health. They are just grandstanding. Again.


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