That One Meme

the scar you're most proud of that from my vasectomy
your favourite condiment ketchup
if you have freckles some
your preferred method of cooking over an open flame
what shoes you're wearing grey cross-trainers
how many children you have the two best
the first person you french kissed Kristi Garofalo
your preferred breed of dog Rhodesian Ridgeback
where you were born Fifth Plane of Hell
what colour underwear you're wearing grey
where your keys are right now in my man-purse
if you have split ends no ends to be split
when you last got laid before I got this year's sinus infection
your opinion on airline food blecch
what cosmetic surgery you would consider none
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex on the bouncy horses on top of big coil springs
your worst malady worry
if your mum loves your dad I presume she did
if you can sing well passably well
what your olympic event would be sumo
someone you admire my grandmother
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map Burkina Faso
the last time you cried yesterday evening
your most interesting sexual congress location on the other side of an open window from my best friend
part of the Sunday papers you read first don't
the languages you speak English, Spanish, and a smattering of Scots Gaelic
the religion you were raised in Baptist
if you can draw well stick figures
your favourite photograph the latest one of my kids
what you should be doing instead of this finding a new job

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