It's all in Fun until Someone Loses an Eye

Since we are under siege from SAP, SAP is based in Germany, and our director likes to highlight her German ancestry, there are some jokes of a very dark variety amongst the folks.

For example, when suggested becoming the SAP Subject Matter Expert because it would allow some degree of control over the SAP adoption, I quipped, "That's what the Vichy French thought, too."

There is always one guy in the group that goes just a little too far. This morning during our staff meeting, in the middle of our SAP-bashing, That Guy snaps off a Nazi stiff-arm salute.

I will be the first one to admit that I have broader boundaries than most, especially when it comes to humor. (It must be the Scottish in me.) I am a fervent believer in free speech. But just because you have the right to express yourself does not mean that such expression is polite. We just get past celebrating the sixty year anniversary of the freeing of the prisoners at Auschwitz and That Guy pulls this stunt.

What is he? A member of the House of Windsor?


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