My neighbor has always put an above-average amount of effort into decorating her house. First it was the icicle lights all the way around her house, even at the eaves that are thirty feet off the ground and only the deer will see. One year a Rudolph made out of wire and lights arrived. Then a couple of his friends showed up. Finally the sleigh, also made out of wire and lights, completed the diorama.

This year she has gone completely around the bend. She has added blinking lights above the double-door entrance to her house. "Blinking" is not quite accurate; it implies a sedate on-off sequence. "Strobing" would be more accurate. (Who knew that squirrels can have epilepsy?) It looks more like a casino than a house.

I am not complaining, though. I heard that all next week Wayne Newton is playing and I think I can get seats.

But several of the tribes have been coming around, asking questions. The comments about her "clumsiness" seem somehow creepy.

The good news is that I hear next year she is adding a buffet.


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