My journal is called “Look, Ma! Two Hands!” because I think it is a funny twist on the child's cry of “Look, ma! No hands” and I like to think I am a funny guy. I also suspect that I subconsciously picked “Look, Ma!” in the child's continuing quest to earn his mother's approval.

My subtitle is non-existent because I did not like what it originally was and could not think of a suitable replacement.

My friends page is called “I'm a Friend of Sarge” because “I'm a Friend of Bill W.” is a slogan sometimes used by Alcoholics Anonymous and I like to I can provide some degree of support for my friends.

My username is “sarge_5150” because Sarge is my handle in geekspace. Just “sarge” was taken so I need a suffix. Years and ZIP codes are too passé for me; I wanted something that was more distinctive. As a longtime fan of Van Hagar, “5150” was an obvious choice.

My default userpic is a self portrait from my youngest's birthday dinner because I originally wanted an actual photo of me (hubris!) and am too lazy to change it.


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