I heard yesterday that the NFL is distancing itself from the Monday Night Football intro that featured some cast members from ABC's Desperate Housewives, most notably an unclothed woman's back that was implied to be Nicolette Sheridan. Presumably this is an attempt to avoid another Nipplegate.

But this is ridiculous.

Which is more salacious: an unclothed woman's back or a scantily-clad woman humping the camera? I see no way the NFL can promote its cheerleaders and then decry the intro.

What is far worse is the unreasonable panic instilled in broadcasters by the FCC. An organization intended to ensure that the airwaves are share-and-share-alike has mutated into a juggernaut of fines seeking to censor everything. Its chairman is completely unapologetic.

The FCC must be stopped before no more rationality or free speech remain.


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