The Malefactor

I tivod a bit of the opening episode of The Benefactor. The premise of the show is that this billionaire, Mark Cuban, has sixteen people compete for $1,000,000 of his money. The gimmick is that there is no voting, there are no contests, there is no race. Cuban, and Cuban alone, picks the winner.

During the introductory piece on Cuban that contained sound bites from him I began to get an "uh-oh" feeling. Cuban is quite enamored with himself. Despite his claims that he has remained grounded by his roots even after his wealth, he comes off as a self-centered, spoiled rich guy. I found it obvious from the half of the first episode that he views the show as his personal game and the contestants as his personal playthings.

Would I enjoy the opportunity to give $1,000,000 to someone that I judged deserving? Of course I would. But I know that I would give every candidate a fair chance, not dismissing twenty percent of them in the first couple of hours. Using first impressions and how they met his expectations as the criteria for dismissal certainly reflects poorly on Cuban's character.

He may be a billionaire. He may be generous with his wealth. But he sure as hell isn't a benefactor.


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