SP Stands for Sucker Patch

Without realizing what it would be, I clicked on the little dialog box on the kids' computer that said it would download and install updates to Windows. Heaven knows Windows is so crappy that it needs weekly updates to patch its rampant security holes.

The problem is that the patch in question was Service Patch 2 for Windows XP Home. Even with broadband, it took an hour and a half to download the whole thing and quite some additional time to install. I noticed immediately that the UI had changed; it looked like they had changed fonts.

Sadly, SP2 also added another, not so welcome, feature: it corrupted a system file when we restarted the computer.

So now, after installing SP2, the computer is completely secure. Of course, those idiots from Redmond accomplished that by turning the computer into a paper weight. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Needless to say, this little episode has eroded my spouse's lingering resistance to switching the household to a real operating system. So the idiots from Redmond cost me the price of a new Mac with their "free" patch to their crappy operating system.


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