Serious APF

I looked through the doorway to the den to see my PowerBook sitting in the middle of the floor.

"What's the big deal?" you might ask.

The big deal is that, when last I left my silvery treasure, it was sitting on the table in the den, three feet over and, more importantly, three feet up.

Needless to say, the bottom dropped out of my stomach and I pulled an APF of at least 8. Then I collapsed to my knees, seeing hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars reduced to a doorstop.

My youngest grinned at me from the table. "Da, I draw."

"What did you do to my laptop?" I ask in my best, I'm-not-really-going-to-strangle-you voice.

"I'm gonna draw," with some pointing to indicate the newly-cleared work surface, the place formerly known as a safe haven for my PowerBook.

Oh, foxtrot.

I knelt there, visions of my beautiful PowerBook cartwheeling in slow motion to its crash-test-dummy demise, for a few moments. My youngest continued to grin at me with the wide-eyed optimism of youth that enough cuteness will solve all problems.

With some clever forensics, we determined that the PowerBook could not, in fact, have been swept off the table like it appeared. The presence of pizza grease fingerprints on the PowerBook and the way the network cable wrapped around the chair show that the munchkin must have actually picked up the PowerBook and put it on the floor. A little reenactment by the suspect left me sure that no dropping was involved in the moving.

Apparently unharmed PowerBook. Relieved me. Suitably chastised kid.

All's well that ends well?


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