Just because I Used Vacation Days doesn't Mean it's a Vacation

I just got through with a three-day visit from my mother and her second husband, along with my sister and my nieces. For a visit from my mother and her husband, it went remarkably well. There was only one incident of offensive sexism and a handful of incidents of offensive racism. For them, it was a gold-medal performance.

Of course, that doesn't mean it was an easy visit by any stretch of the imagination. For the second straight time, when my youngest got around them, he got sick. My wife thinks there's no logical connection and I agree that I can't come up with a causal mechanism, but I find it more than coincidental. Maybe he's so sensitive that even one day's exposure to them disables his immune system. As a parent, I feel responsible for my kids' health and I wonder if it's irresponsible to let them continue to see the boys.

My back started hurting from the stress last night; I hope that I'm over it within a few days. I tried to take tomorrow off from work as a favor to my coworkers; unfortunately my manager decided to schedule a 0900 interview for me tomorrow morning. The candidate wants to interview quickly as he's already accepted another offer. However, I will not be an easy interview tomorrow. I guess he made his choices.

I am encouraged that I am getting better at preparing for and coping with these visits because it was only this afternoon that I began to feel like obliterating her husband. That may be a world record. It's kind of ironic since my mother will get on my case about making him feel welcome. Feel welcome? He's freakin' lucky I don't return the favor and strangle his sorry ass! I try to remind myself that lots of folks have been through worse, but it's still pretty freakin' stressful being around him at all. I don't think I would invite him to visit but my mom comes as a package deal and I don't feel comfortable with denying my kids their grandmother, no matter how numerous her faults may be.

They talked about following through on my suggestion to leave him with my grandfather (who can not fly) and have my mother fly with my grandmother up here. I hope that this time they mean it. As I've mentioned before, my grandmother is a saint and I want the boys to know her as well as possible. Why can't I get visit from her instead?


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