A Helluva Day at Sea, Sir

'Tis been one of those days, well, weeks. Having just returned from a week-long business trip, I was hoping for some refreshing monotony.

But that just wasn't to be.

Firstly, I greatly miscalculated when, several weeks ago, I planned on using this week to catch up on my networking. It seemed like a good idea at the time, what with my manager being on vacation this week. Due to unavoidable meetings and work emergencies, two lunches turned into four lunches and a coffee. I spent way too many hours this week driving around the metro area.

Secondly, my manager has been gone on two consecutive weeks of vacation. While that has been a nice respite from the typical suck-in-the-gut-and-kiss-the-tuchas, he didn't bestow temporary authority on anyone; he just suspended it. So the week has been full of people asking me quite valid questions for which I have neither the knowledge nor authority to answer. Nature abhors a vacuum and organizations abhor a power vacuum. Oh, and a "problem" project is getting ready to (finally) release and is now struggling to fix all the problems we told them about months ago. Whine. Bitch. Panic.

Thirdly, my youngest has a virus of some sort. Right now it's just confined to sporadic coughing but the doctor warned us that a snotty nose and fever are in the offing. Last night had awakenings (of the whole family) at 0200 and 0400, including a vomit episode.

Fourth, when I went out to the parking lot to go home at 1800, my truck wouldn't start. The dang thing turns over but it just won't catch. I just couldn't take waiting for an hour or more for some tow truck. I just abandoned the dang thing in the parking lot; I'll deal with it tomorrow.

Needless to say, I'm just a bit of a Grumpy Bear today. Grrr….


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