I Hate FedEx

I really, really, really hate FedEx. With the aid of a helpful Apple employee, I ordered an iBook as a gift for my niece. (Shhh! It's a surprise.) Apple dutifully shipped it the next day. Unfortunately, they chose to use FedEx.

Apple provided me with a tracking number with which I anxiously watched the iBook travel from Taiwan to Portland. Where it sat for a couple of days. I then traveled down to JavaOne. Fearing that FedEx would try to deliver the iBook in my absence, we set it up that our neighbor would sign for it. She's home all day and keeps a thorough watch on the comings and goings on our private road.

We get home on Friday to discover that FedEx has shipped the iBook back to Apple. The morons at FedEx claim that they tried to deliver the iBook thrice. I find this claim somewhat hollow given the detailed reports our neighbor routinely gives us about traffic on our road. But, even if that was true, why in the Seven Planes of Hell did they ship the dang thing back to Apple so quickly?

Reputable shipping companies and the United States Postal Service will at a minimum hold a package that can not be delivered. Oh, no, FedEx can not be bothered to actually provide customer service. No, they need to get rid of the package as soon as possible. Who cares if the recipient gets the package or not? As long as FedEx gets it out of their hands as soon as possible.

Since I had a FedEx tracking number, I was able to track the package through the web. Track it, that is, until FedEx decided to give up on delivery. Then my tracking number suddenly became invalid, with no explanation why a tracking number that had been valid the day before was now "unknown" to their system. Nor was there any way for me to attach instructions, such as "the neighbor will sign for it" to the shipment.

What a bunch of clowns. Now my niece's iBook is trapped somewhere in Apple's warehouse system. The estimate is that it will re-ship (please, not by FedEx) in three to six weeks. So, all told, "standard" shipping via FedEx takes eight weeks.

Never, ever, ever, ever ship with FedEx. If they are the last shipper on the planet, sweet talk some cockroaches into taking your package. FedEx can not be trusted to deliver your package. The only guarantee they offer is that they will take your money. After that, all bets are off.

FedEx sucks. Use UPS.


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