Some People Just Don't Get It

Last night I watched about half an episode of Last Comic Standing. In it the final five of ten contestants were picked. There was a controversary when Brett Butler and Drew Carey noticed that the set of contestants announced as winners was impossible given the votes of three of the four judges.

This producer, Peter Engel, explains that the judges weren't the only ones voting, that the producers also cast votes. It appears that the producers had a significantly larger number of votes at their disposal since three of the four judges did not vote for the eventual winners. Drew Carey asked if the viewers knew this; Peter Engel assured him they were. (I saw no such disclaimer but I only saw a portion of the show.)

First, it was obvious from Brett Butler's, Drew Carey's, and the contetants' reactions that none of them knew about that scoring system and they should have. Second, the producers obviously don't get it.

If I want to see a show about ten people chosen to live together because they will clash and make for good drama, I'll watch Real World. The very name of the show, Last Comic Standing, advertises that it will be about comedy.

C'mon, guys! Get with the program.


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