I Should've Been an Alchemist

and I were bemoaning this afternoon all the cool toys that we wanted, nay, needed but could not afford. I suggested that we both needed to start robbing convenience stores. While mentioning that it's rather ironically inconvenient to rob convenience stores, she also noted that it's hard work, and a kind of work for which we're ill-suited. You see, our day jobs don't really build the kind of skills that a convenience store robber needs. You know, speedy application of violence, disguising one's appearance, sensing when the cashier has triggered the silent alarm. Those kinds of skills.

Being incapable of thinking up any other get-rich-quick schemes, I guess we're back to hoping that our employer does well enough to start handing out wheelbarrows of cash.

In that case I guess I won't be getting an iPod any time soon.


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