Not Again

There were lay-offs today at work.


As an INFJ I take this things kind of hard. While I understand the logic of the director who decided to replace these people with people who are "more technical", I also know first-hand how hard it is to be laid off. It is such a difficult time, both financially and emotionally, and my instinct is to not lay people off.

One of the factors is upper management's insistence that the overall headcount of the company not increase. I find this ludicrous. Their reasoning is that, since Wall Street analysts calculate our earnings per employee, an increase in employees directly results in a decrease in analyst opinions. I have heard of earnings per share but never earnings per employee. I am not saying such a metric does not exist, just that I have never heard of it. Alternatively, the executives could just be blaming their ignorance or incompetence on faceless scapegoats. I have seen that first-hand, too.

So now a very good friend of a very good friend is looking for new work. Perhaps that a whole class of job was eliminated makes it easier for her to take since it was not a personal thing. But she still has to live with the uncertainty of unemployment.



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