Non-Profit for Whom?

A friend of mine needs a costly procedure that is not covered by insurance. So, the Shriners have an organization to raise money for children that need assistance. Jerry Lewis has his annual telethon. What constitutes a non-profit organization? Obviously, someone will profit from the fund-raising. At what point does it travel from the Land of People Trying to Help a Friend to the Republic of Tax Breaks? Because I think, if we make it tax-deductible, we can get a whole lot more donations.

I hadn't even thought of the fund raising idea. I just planned to bring dinner or something. Maybe a cake. Costco sells a nice half-sheet. But I like the idea of selling cookie dough or something.

We could ship vans of young children to random neighborhoods and send them door-to-door…

Oops. Wrong business plan. That one is for out-of-work software developers.


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