This new show, Colonial House is a real eye-opener. Not only does it offer the standard reality show fare of highlighting the conflicts inherent in any group of people forced to live in close quarters and difficult circumstances for any length of time, making us thankful that we get to choose our associates and toils. Not only does it show us something about the physical hardships endured as little as two hundred years ago, helping us remember our blessings as we deal with our struggles. But it highlights the stultifying, smothering asphyxiation of state religion, showing us how wonderful the religious freedom we enjoy today is.

One of my college history professors (who looked remarkably like John McLaughlin) opined that religious tolerance is when you allow me to practice my religion and religious freedom is when we allow someone else to practice theirs.

Humanity continues to struggle with conflicts of religion and these continue to present serious concerns to us all. But it's easy to forget with the daily news stories about violence between religious groups that we are still experiencing a remarkable amount of religious freedom.

If any nation had held the overwhelming military advantage three hundred years ago that the United States holds today, would it have refrained from arbitrarily imposing its religion on its foes?

I think not.


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