Three Cheers for Addison Wilson and Amoxycillin

I've been suffering under a sinus infection for almost two weeks now. At first I thought it was allergies. Then I thought it was a cold. Then I knew I was in trouble. (But by then it was the weekend.) Monday morning arrived and I was feeling so bad that I began contemplating what sorts of joint locks and submission holds I would use if the nurses got between me and my treatment. Luckily my doctor, Addison Wilson, continued his years-long history of being a Good Doctor. (I highly recommend him.)

With a dash of his (legible) signature, he summoned a pack of amoxycillin. They charged into battle, clashing their swords against their shields. With fierce grimaces and warlike grunts, they've joined battle with the Forces of Infection. Good news, the war goes well. They've stopped the insurgents in their tracks and hope to have them defeated in a few days.

Three cheers for Addison Wilson and Amoxycillin! Hip-hip-huzzah! Hip-hip-huzzah! Hip-hip-huzzah!


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