More Reasons Why I Love Her

As I've mentioned before, I am a keyboarder from way back. Anything that lets me leave my fingers at the keyboard is a great help. To that end, I tend to learn the keyboard shortcuts for common editing operations. In Winders, Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow selects the next word to the right of the cursor. In OS X, Option+Shift+Right Arrow selects the next word to the right of the cursor.

What's the big deal, right?

The deal is the morons at Microsoft select the space after the word, too.

That one little space has a big impact. If I change the font of a word, in Winders by default I also change the font of the following space. So what? Well, since it's a space I can't see the change. If I edit that sentence by adding a word, I don't get the font of the word to which the cursor is closest; I am surprised by a font from farther away.

In OS X, it works the way you expect. The selection stops at the end of the last word selected.

It may not seem like much but it results in extra keystrokes every time I change the font or style of a word. These keystrokes add up, contributing to the overall difficulty of using Winders. Plus it makes sense and I don't have to spend time thinking about what the stupid operating system is going to do wrong.

It's almost like those Mac guys are trying to make it useful…


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