RE: What email?

What a bunch of clowns at

I finally got my email working again. The problem? They'd changed the host names for the mail servers and didn't tell me! I got an email today announcing that they'd completed the move of the servers. Of course, I never got an email announcing that they were going to move the servers in the first place.

Once I changed the server names, mail began trickling back in. One of the queued up messages was a response from support to my report that I couldn't retrieve email. But they sent it to the account from which I couldn't receive email!

Needless to say, my time at is over. I've changed my forwarding alias to point at a better service. I've already paid in advance for this year, so the old email address will probably be around for a while. But at last the long, frustrating slide into uselessness is over.


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