It was a hell of a day at sea, sir.

This clown at work sent out an email this morning, CC'ing several others, accusing me of not following the development process I authored. The accusation is obviously false as my track record has established that I not only follow my own process, but I still get more accomplished than this jerk. This guy has a history of irritating and insulting others, so I know that it wasn't accidental. Like all other passive-aggressive verbal abusers, each time he's called on it he claims it's an accident.

It pissed me off pretty good and hijacked my day. So, said moron just cost the company one day of my work. I'm not a high-paid executive, but my time doesn't come cheap either. Given that he intentionally attacks others, I can't see how the company allows this behavior to continue. This joker must be on a performance plan.

I don't know what's going to happen. My manager is on the case. (Bird-dog 'im, J!) I'm sure he'll think of an acceptable response to the situation. Back in the day, this clown wouldn't have made it this far without getting an old-fashioned ass-whuppin'.

But HR frowns on that sort of thing now.


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