Good Times

I heard from a friend today from whom I haven't heard in a good while. I'm pretty chuffed.

When I was younger and fully into wooing, more than once I was told “I see you as a friend.” At the time I quipped, “Then I've got enough friends; I want something more.” (I didn't think to suggest the Friend with Privileges although I doubt I would have been any more successful.)

I was wrong. I don't think you can have too many friends. Sure, it's difficult to keep up with a lot of people. But it's nice to have friends because, even if it's been a while, when you get back in touch you're still not strangers. I think we all want to feel part of a group larger than ourselves. (Even if we do occasionally need to go off by ourselves.)

The more friends that you have, the more connections to others you have. (Duh!) Just imagine if everyone were friends! Okay, sure, that's mathematically impossible. But as a thought exercise it shows how cool it is to have a lot of friends.

Now, I'm not talking any pollyanna, Will-Rogers-esque kind of thing. Anyone who's spent any time at all in the company of others (think kindergarten) has learned the hard way that there are some people who just can't get along. Let's not feel obligated to be friends with them. However, let's take the opportunity to be friends with everyone else, even the stinky ones.

So, to all my friends, past, present, and future, hello!

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