Daydream Believer

I remember spending many a day in school staring out the window, daydreaming. I'm sure my teachers were doing the best that they could, trying to meet the needs of thirty students. But school bored me silly. I would take to doing my assignments in patterns or backwards in an attempt to bring some degree of interest to them. Between the boredom and my troubled home life, I wasn't the easiest student. (My apologies to my teachers.)

Daydreams were an escape from the stultifying heat of the classroom, the hypnotic drone of the instruction, and the overwhelming task of home. I could be anything I wanted, a knight with a magic mace, a dragon with wings and fiery breath, a super hero with super powers, a mechanoid with powerful armor. With the power of my imagination, I could be the things that I could never be in life.

Too bad your boss gets pissed when you daydream at work.


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