A What?

We were at Rose's Deli Saturday night after our movie (Jersey Girl, good flick, go see it), when my spoonerism struck again. While inspecting their yummy desserts, instead of reading "lemon curd tart" I read "lemon turd cart".

I got the giggles thinking of a large, yellow, plastic lemon with green wheels toting around a load of, well, turds. Now, such a thing is pretty nonsencial. After all, few of us have any need to cart around turds and, even if we do, a regular bucket or wheelbarrow is up to the task. But it sure did give me the giggles. The hostess, who was at the end of a long shift, didn't quite see why I was laughing so hard. I hadn't the heart to tell her that I thought one of their signs advertised turds.

Plus it might not sit well with the rest of the patrons.


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