Papal Soccer Team Disbanded?

So the Pope denounces fun on Sundays, saying that entertainment and sports take away from the day's fundamental meaning.

You know, with all the furor over the Passion of the Christ, you would think that the Catholic Church would be trying to distance themselves from the hard-line. The Da Vinci Code has raised the visibility of elements within the Catholic Church, elements like Opus Dei, that raise some concerns. Given the problems the world community is having with religious extremists, I expected the Catholic Church to move away from fundamentalism.

Zealotry is unattractive, whether it be Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, or any other religion. I certainly support the fostering of a greater spiritual sense in all people, including regular meditation, whether liturgical, oratorical, or personal. However, blanket statements such as that attributed to the Pope possess a narrow rigidity that hinders more than it helps.

Let's worry a little bit less about what day is on the calendar and a little bit more about treating each other well. What say you, John Paul?


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